Benjamin Van Ryseghem


I had the opportunity to present my work in different conferences. This page gather some of the materials used during these presentations.

  • Spec Tutorial: How to do Senders/Implementors and ClassBrowser in 30 minutes, slides, done at PharoConf13, Bern, Switzerland (2013)
  • Spec: A Framework for the Specification and Reuse of UIs and their Models, slides, done at IWST12, Gand, Belgium (2012)
  • Nautilus Success Story, slides(2012)
  • Presentation of Hazelnut (Slides) (Video), done at Deep Into Smalltalk, Lille, France (2011)


I also had to write reports since several of the project I worked on was part of an internship. Here is the list of the reports I did: