Benjamin Van Ryseghem

I am a 36 years old software development enthusiast and I have the chance to live from my passion. I spent the last 10 years improving my skills, learning new things and working on awesome projects. I am a former Smalltalker, now having fun with functional languages (especially Clojure/ClojureScript). I live in Margny-lès-Compiègne, France.

You can follow me on GitHub, on GitLab, or contact me by email.

If you want more information, please visit my resume.


I sometimes write geeky articles about things I like, I did, or just find interesting.


Here is a handful of my projects:

  • numbro: a JS framework for number formatting (inspired by momentjs)
  • SandGlass: a time-tracker app based on Electron
  • Spec: a framework for the specification and generation of user interfaces for Pharo


I had the opportunity to do some presentations of my work in different conferences.


Along the way, I had the opportunity to publish papers:


I was a Pharo core maintainer, in charge of the IDE and the widgets framework Morphic.

I am the author of Spec, a new framework for the specification and generation of user interfaces, and Nautilus, a new code-browser for Pharo.