Benjamin Van Ryseghem

On this page, you will find articles about things I find interesting, surprising, but always geeky. You will also find a new music album every week.


  • [Week 31] Mezzanine - Massive Attack

    Favorite song: Teardrop

    Description: Probably the most known album of Massive Attack, and for a good reason

    How I discovered it? I do not remember

  • [Week 30] 1000 Forms of Fear - Sia

    Favorite song: Fire Meet Gasoline

    Description: Most famous album of Sia, full of awesome songs, and beautiful video clips

    How I discovered it? Chandelier was such a shock, I dived deep into this album

  • [Week 29] 21 - Adele

    Favorite song: One And Only

    Description: Second album of Adele which proved to the entire world the great artist she is

    How I discovered it? I can't really remember, but this album was all over the air when it released

  • [Week 28] Où je vis - Shurik'n

    Favorite song: La lettre

    Description: First solo album for one of the leader of Iam

    How I discovered it? I discovered it quite recently when diving again in Iam albums

  • [Week 27] Origin of Symmetry - Muse

    Favorite song: Citizen Erased

    Description: Second album for Muse and to me their best (tight with Showbiz)

    How I discovered it? My best friend is huge fan of Muse, and thanks to him I listened to this album through highschool

  • [Week 26] Fragile - Francis Cabrel

    Favorite song: L'encre de tes yeux

    Description: One of the last french poet, the lyrics are just sublimes

    How I discovered it? My parents had a couple of his albums, and I jump into it quite young

  • [Week 25] Live / Unplugged - Alanis Morissette

    Favorite song: King of Pain

    Description: Great live album where Alanis Morissette gives us one of her best performance

    How I discovered it? Ironic and Thank U made Alanis Morissette one of the top singer of the 90's

  • [Week 24] Duels de tchatche - Fabulous Trobadors

    Favorite song: Duel de sans-pareil

    Description: Revision of traditional music style from the South West of France, with a mix of brazilian music

    How I discovered it? I actually can't remember

  • [Week 23] A la panxa del bou - La Troba Kung-Fú

    Favorite song: Subway Walk

    Description: Good vibes and joyful music

    How I discovered it? This group run the first-part of Manu Chao tour a couple of years ago

  • [Week 22] Mamagubida - Tryo

    Favorite song: La misère d'en face

    Description: A first album that smells like summer, sun and BBQ

    How I discovered it? This album was very famous among teens when I was in high-school

  • [Week 21] Dream - Kitaro

    Favorite song: Lady of Dreams (feat. Jon Anderson)

    Description: A nice fusion of japanese traditional instruments with Kitaro and the clear voice Jon Anderson

    How I discovered it? My dad being a fan of Yes, it was just a matter of time

  • [Week 20] Toxicity - System of a Down

    Favorite song: Needles

    Description: Second album for SOAD, it contains everything that makes them famous

    How I discovered it? I was in high-school when this album was released, and everyone was listening to this

  • [Week 19] Les Failles - Pomme

    Favorite song: Saphir

    Description: Beautiful and full of melancholia

    How I discovered it? I discovered Pomme in a youtube video named "301 vues"

  • [Week 18] L'Atelier - Tarmac

    Favorite song: Dis moi c'est quand...

    Description: First album after the split of Louise Attaque

    How I discovered it? As a fan of Louise Attaque, it was a must have, and I was not disappointed

  • [Week 17] No Need To Argue - The Cranberries

    Favorite song: No Need To Argue

    Description: Most iconic The Cranberries album

    How I discovered it? With Zombie being the internation hit we all know about, it was just a mater of time before bumping into this album

  • [Week 16] Master Of Puppets - Master Of Puppets

    Favorite song: Battery

    Description: The album that brought Metallica to fame and is considered as one of the greatest heavy metal album of all time

    How I discovered it? A couple of good friends are really fan

  • [Week 15] En Solitaire - William Sheller

    Favorite song: Chanson lente

    Description: An acoustic album of William Sheller that is a turn in is discography

    How I discovered it? My parents introduced me to William Sheller in my early years

  • [Week 14] Première consultation - Doc Gyneco

    Favorite song: Nirvana

    Description: First Doc Gyneco album

    How I discovered it? I discovered this album with its 20th anniversary edition

  • [Week 13] Maniacx - Maniacx

    Favorite song: Flik Flak In The Party

    Description: French hip-hop band with a very funny vibe

    How I discovered it? A friend made me discovered this album during a summer road trip

  • [Week 12] Elect the Dead - Serj Tankian

    Favorite song: Baby

    Description: First solo album from the lead singer of System Of A Down, instant hit!

    How I discovered it? As a huge fan of SOAD, I could miss this album, and I regret nothing

  • [Week 11] Gorillaz - Gorillaz

    Favorite song: M1 A1

    Description: A mix of rock, pop, with some rap in it! Awesome first album

    How I discovered it? When it was released, this album was a real tsunami

  • [Week 10] 666.667 Club - Noir Désir

    Favorite song: À ton étoile

    Description: Cool rock french album, with a couple of classics!

    How I discovered it? Noir Désir was pretty popular in the late 90's

  • [Week 9] Space Oddity - David Bowie

    Favorite song: Space Oddity

    Description: Not yet a super star, this album shows all the premises of how Bowie will contributes to the music

    How I discovered it? I can't really remember as Bowie is such great artist that he is everywhere

  • [Week 8] She's So Unusual - Cyndi Lauper

    Favorite song: Time After Time

    Description: A feel-good album full of love songs from the 90's

    How I discovered it? A friend of mine is really fond of Cyndi Lauper, and time after time (pun intended) I learned to love her songs

  • [Week 7] Les Funérailles d'antan - Georges Brassens

    Favorite song: L'Orage

    Description: Brassens was one of the latest great french poet. This album contains great lyrics

    How I discovered it? My parents are big fans of Georges Brassens

  • [Week 6] L’École du micro d’argent - IAM

    Favorite song: Nés sous la même étoile

    Description: This is a must-have rap album from the late 90's. Probably the best IAM album

    How I discovered it? As a teenager in the late 90's, no one could avoid this album, for the greater good

  • [Week 5] London Calling - The Clash

    Favorite song: Train in Vain (Stand by Me)

    Description: Just after the Sex Pistol revolution, and the death of Sid Vicious, The Clash raised with this album, bringing the London punk all over the world

    How I discovered it? I can't remember, as this group, and this album are considered classics

  • [Week 4] Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Favorite song: I Could Have Lied

    Description: One of the more iconic album of the Red Hot Chili Peppers to me, packed with a ton of hits

    How I discovered it? A friend in high school was very fond of them, and of Flea's bassline

  • [Week 3] Louise Attaque - Louise Attaque

    Favorite song: Cracher nos souhaits

    Description: First album for Louise Attaque and Gaëtan Roussel, this album is a great french rock album from the 90's

    How I discovered it? This album was all over the radios when I was in middle school

  • [Week 2] Universal Mother - Sinéad O'Connor

    Favorite song: Thank you for hearing me

    Description: An album packed with a lot of great songs, and still the powerful voice of Sinéad O'Connor

    How I discovered it? After "Nothing Compares to U" I dived in the whole discography of Sinéad O'Connor with no regrets

  • [Week 1] L'Apocalypse des animaux - Vangelis

    Favorite song: La petite fille de la mer

    Description: A nice instrumental album made for an documentary about the animal kingdom

    How I discovered it? My parents used to play this album as a lullaby for my siblings and I

  • [Week 53] Clandestino - Manu Chao

    Favorite song: Minha galera

    Description: First solo album for Manu Chao, it is a nice "summer album" full of good vibes

    How I discovered it? It was on all the radios when it came out, no way to avoid it

  • [Week 52] Jacques Brel 67 - Jacques Brel

    Favorite song: La chanson des vieux amants

    Description: An iconic album from "The Greatest Belgian"

    How I discovered it? My father is and always has been a huge fan of Brel

  • [Week 51] En attendant les caravanes... - La Rue Kétanou

    Favorite song: La fiancée de l'eau

    Description: A very good french album with powerful lyrics and old-fashioned instrumental

    How I discovered it? A friend make me listen to it in high-school

  • [Week 50] Far From Home - Hugo Kant

    Favorite song: Before Midnight Tonight

    Description: This is a nice ambient music album I like that I like to listen while working

    How I discovered it? YouTube suggested it to me

  • [Week 49] Tea For The Tillerman - Cat Stevens

    Favorite song: Father And Son

    Description: Tea For The Tillerman is a nice album to chill while listening to songs we all have eared a million time, in a cozy 70's atmosphere

    How I discovered it? My mom was listening to Cat Stevens more or less my whole childhood

  • [Week 48] Mistral gagnant - Renaud

    Favorite song: P'tite conne

    Description: This album is to me representative of the second part of Renaud career with more romantic songs

    How I discovered it? My dad is a fan of Renaud, and his great lyrics really hooked me up

  • [Week 47] Buena Vista Social Club - Buena Vista Social Club

    Favorite song: Chan Chan

    Description: This album is probably the most famous Cuban music album reviving the music of pre-revolutionary Cuba

    How I discovered it? My dad was listening to this album a lot a couple of years ago

  • [Week 46] Antics - Interpol

    Favorite song: Evil

    Description: It's quite a dark rock album with a touch of British rock yet it's American

    How I discovered it? An ex-girlfriend was fond of this album

  • [Week 45] Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine

    Favorite song: Killing In the Name

    Description: As a powerful rock album with great political lyrics, this first album was announcing a great future for this band

    How I discovered it? My older brother was listening to this album when I was in middle school, and I remembered it a couple of years later

  • [Week 44] Fates - Erik Mongrain

    Favorite song: Percusienfa

    Description: This is a vibrant instrumental only album. It is worth watching a few video clip as Erik Mongrain has a technique of his own

    How I discovered it? Through a friend back in university

  • [Week 43] 'Til Shiloh - Buju Banton

    Favorite song: Champion

    Description: A ragga album with a very deep voice

    How I discovered it? I can not remember

  • [Week 42] Americana - The Offspring

    Favorite song: The Kids Aren't All Right

    Description: Probably one of the most famous Californian punk album, Americana is to me the best Offspring album

    How I discovered it? I have been introduced to this album by my best friend back in early high-school. It has been with us during a lot of climbing trips

  • [Week 41] Ce qui nous lie - Mes Souliers Sont Rouges

    Favorite song: La barbière

    Description: MSSR is back after almost 14 years with a new line-up composed of both former members and new ones. The band is back to its roots and focus here on old and almost forgotten Norman songs

    How I discovered it? I discovered MSSR through a friend of mine back in high school. So when I saw they were performing live. I immediately bought tickets for the whole family to a festival nearby

  • [Week 40] Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

    Favorite song: Wish You Were Here

    Description: To me, this is one of the most iconic Pink Floyd albums. The eponymous song is the most beautiful ballad I ever heard

    How I discovered it? My dad being a huge fan of Pink Floyd, I feel like I have always heard this group for my whole life

  • [Week 39] ダ ン テ - Kalm

    Favorite song: Leaving

    Description: Relaxing pop/electro album fully instrumental. I like to listen to this album to chill or as background music while I cook

    How I discovered it? I discovered it when my wife asked for "calm music" and as a smart-ass, I searched "calm" in Google Music


  • f.lux
    387 words - 3' to read


    Trying to improve my sleeping time, and remembering an old friend using it, I decided to give a try to f.lux. Here is a quick tour of it.

  • Ergotron
    1432 words - 10' to read


    After looking for the perfect keyboard, and trying a couple of them (WASD Keyboard, Kinesis, Maltron), I reached the conclusion that I should probably build my own keyboard. And so I did.