Clock your time easily, keep your data at hand




    free as in free beer, free as in freedom!
  • Multi-platform

    run on GNU/Linux, macOS and Windows thanks to Electron
  • Scriptable

    through command-line interface to be sure it fits in all your workflows
  • Local

    your data are and will stay in your total control
  • Dashboard

    all your data in nice graphs for a quick overview
  • Multi projects

    we all work on several projects at the same time


Not available
Not available
SandGlass is an open-source project, and as such, its sourcecode is available on GitLab and is distributed under a GNU GPLv3 license.

Getting started

Running the app

After running the application, you should see a new icon popping up in your system tray. From there you can start the timer, or go to the settings to set your favorite options.

Installing the CLI

The command-line script is just a helper to communicate with the app itself. As it is just a bash script it just fit everywhere a terminal runs.

The command-line interface provides a simple way to query your data or to automatize your workflow. Do no hesitate to run sand-glass -h to see the available options.